UHT technology

Dermatherm leverages the combined action of organic-certified cosmetics and dermatology to offer preservative-free products containing thermal spring water which preserve facial health and beauty. The brand is committed to eliminating a maximum of allergy-causing ingredients as well as all preservatives which can lead to the onset of allergies or skin irritations. Producing cosmetics of unparalleled safety for all skin types, even the most sensitive, was vital. Thanks to our 100% natural origin, organic-certified, preservative-free products, Dermatherm has achieved a major breakthrough in ultra-high tolerance products.

What technology is used?

To meet these standards in our products, we use a unique UHT sterilisation process that eliminates bacteria. This technology requires a certified infrastructure and a specific packaging process (sterile, opaque, antimicrobial protective bottles) that takes place in an ISO 5 aseptic cleanroom.

What is UHT technology?

UHT stands for Ultra-High Temperature, a sterilisation process that consists in raising the product’s temperature very briefly and then immediately cooling it down. Based on 20 years of experience in other sectors which have proven the high levels of efficiency, performance and safety of this process, Dermatherm decided to employ it for its cosmetic products.

Why does Dermatherm use this technique for its products?

Our patented UHT technology eliminates all bacteria, yeast and mould while preserving the quality of our active ingredients. Thanks to this unique process, cosmetics no longer need preservatives.

Airless bottle & pump with ultra-efficient closure system

When products are made without preservatives, their packaging ensures they remain sterile throughout their lifespan. Dermatherm uses airless bottles featuring an ultra-efficient, antimicrobial closure system specially designed to protect the product after it has been sterilised. This means air from the outside cannot reach the product, guaranteeing maximum safety.

Dedicated, certified infrastructures

Our products are manufactured in an aseptic cleanroom specifically designed to avoid all risk of contamination. The packaging room is an ISO Class 5 facility where the air quality is continuously controlled. Our dedicated teams are specially trained in UHT technology, to achieve the level of expertise required by our patent. They must ensure compliance with regulations to avoid human or external microbial contamination, notably by following a specific protocol to ensure their clothing remains sterile. Garments include a coverall and overshoes designed specifically for UHT processing, as well as undergarments for dual protection.

A unique, safe and environmentally-friendly technique which eliminates 100% of germs and bacteria while preserving the quality of our active ingredients