Dermatherm offers 100% natural origin dermocosmetic skincare for the face. Our preservative-free, highly effective products guarantee extreme purity and sensoriality to meet the individual needs of all our customers. With over 45 years of botanical expertise, Dermatherm selects the finest ingredients to meet the full range of problems affecting the skin.

Skin types and ingredients

Normal to dry skin

This 100% natural origin, preservative-free range will improve the skin’s comfort, boost moisturisation and improve the elasticity and radiance of the epidermis. Contains organic-certified orange water, 100% natural origin sodium PCA and thermal spring water from the Cévennes Mountains to meet the problems faced by normal to dry skin.

Sensitive skin

This 100% natural origin, preservative-free range was designed to meet the needs of the most sensitive skin. It improves skin comfort, reduces redness and alleviates irritation, soothing your skin day after day. Organic-certified, fair trade aloe vera; a trio of marine algae; and thermal spring water from the Cévennes Mountains are the main active ingredients of this beauty ritual, designed to pamper sensitive skin.

Combination to oily skin

This range offers skincare to treat and purify combination to oily skin. A mattifying, purifying range that acts on blemishes, regulates sebum secretion and purifies the skin.

The different active ingredients & their benefits

Thermal Spring Water from the Cévennes Mountains

The extraordinary water from Fumades les Bains, a thermal spa located less than 15 kilometres from our Laboratory, is sheltered from all sources of contamination. It has been recognised by the French Academy of Medicine for its therapeutic and skin-related benefits. Julius Caesar himself travelled here to enjoy the water’s virtues! Rich in calcium, magnesium, copper and sulphur, this water revitalises and soothes the skin. Sulphur is a powerful cell-detoxifying agent whose energising action is offset by magnesium’s calming effect. Calcium is well-tolerated by the skin, and copper acts on acne, eczema, psoriasis and pruritis by boosting natural immunity. This mineral balance gives the water anti-allergy, antihistamine, healing and soothing properties to combat skin inflammation.

Organic-Certified, Fair Trade Aloe Vera

Extracted from organic aloe barbadensis leaves grown in a designated “pollution-free” area, aloe vera juice is recognised for its moisturising and soothing properties.

Marine Algae Trio

This natural origin complex acts on skin inflammation factors while preserving and protecting the epidermis cells. An active combination of three algae helps to soothe and reduce blotching for lasting skin comfort.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc gluconate plays a key role in skin balance, and is necessary for cell growth and renewal. It also offers antimicrobial properties. This natural origin active ingredient regulates sebum secretion and purifies the skin.

Organic Lemon Balm Extract

Recognised since Antiquity for its soothing, antioxidant properties, this plant from the lamiaceae family is the perfect mate for combination to oily skin.

100% Natural Origin Sodium PCA

This plant-derived amino acid is naturally present in many proteins. It is a natural moisturiser which helps maintain the hydration of the skin while boosting elasticity and radiance.

Organic Orange Water

Rich in trace elements, this biologically active organic fruit water helps moisturise the skin and protect the skin cells from environmental stress.