Dermatherm, a brand of Laboratoire Gravier, champions firm commitments. We strive to share common values and thus contribute to solving environmental challenges by embracing sustainable development and the well-being of consumers.

Our philosophy is also based on preserving biodiversity and promoting progress in organic agriculture. This enables us to place Humankind and the Earth at the heart of what we do.

In 1975, Jean Gravier, a grower of organic fragrant, aromatic and medicinal plants, initiated the creation of several organic products. His pioneering beliefs led him to launch the non-profit Nature & Progrès. His son Jean-François Gravier, a doctor of pharmacy with a genius for botany, brilliantly followed in his footsteps and co-drafted the first specifications for organic products.

Since its founding, Laboratoire Gravier has pushed the boundaries, going beyond traditional organic cosmetics specifications to consistently offer the best to consumers. With Dermatherm, Laboratoire Gravier ushered in a new era for cosmetics without compromising either effectiveness or sensoriality.


All Dermatherm skincare products are certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Cosmécert. Constantly driven to push the boundaries of industry specifications, Dermatherm goes the extra mile, formulating products entirely composed of 100% natural origin ingredients, at least 45% of which are organic.

Developed & manufactured in France

Dermatherm is proud to propose products made in Lussan, a village located in the Gard region of Southern France (Occitania) which is home to Laboratoire Gravier. Lussan, officially recognised as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France, offers breathtaking landscapes and naturally rich farmland. Dermatherm deliberately chooses to work with local producers who offer a carefully selected palette of organic and ecological raw materials. Certain raw materials not produced in France are imported and are subject to the same strict regulations and quality inspections as our locally grown ingredients. These commitments attest to our pioneering vision of organic agriculture and enable us to develop products containing no preservatives, colourants or synthetic fragrances, whose formulas are tested under pharmaceutical control. Laboratoire Gravier’s corporate responsibility extends across multiple areas.

A laboratory in the heart of nature

Laboratoire Gravier demonstrated its commitment to the environment by establishing its headquarters in Lussan, France, in a designated Natura 2000 area. Completely surrounded by nature, the building complies with High Environmental Quality (HEQ) standards, guaranteeing careful monitoring of environmental impacts and interior comfort.

The Natura 2000 area is part of a European network of natural sites that pledge to respect the local fauna and flora. This offers a unique working environment featuring sustainable buildings affording views of lush natural landscapes as far as the eye can see.

100% recyclable packaging

All of our product packaging is 100% recyclable in order keep waste and resource consumption to a minimum. Eco-friendly design also optimises the size and weight of the packaging so as to reduce the environmental footprint. All packaging includes recycling guidelines. Through this branch of our CSR programme, we commit to reducing our carbon footprint while fostering close ties with our local and regional suppliers.

100% green energy

Our High Environmental Quality building is fitted with solar panels generating clean, natural energy, which we supplement with renewable energy produced in Occitania. Laboratoire Gravier manufactures its products using this combination of electricity; any surplus is sold to the French utility company Engie, thus reducing the impact on our local ecosystem.

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